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Fresh Focus Bio Grüner Tee mit Ginkgo

Fresh Focus Bio Grüner Tee mit Ginkgo


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In some situations, whether it's at work or at uni, we need an energy boost to stay focused. The Fresh Focus, composed of 60% green tea, has an incredibly fresh and minty flavour and was developed to be a natural help during stressful times.
  • 100% organic ingredients
  • green tea with fresh eucalyptus, ginkgo and ginseng
  • free from artificial flavours, sweetener and other additives
  • perfect to enjoy as an ice tea
  • 100% vegan

  • organically grown

  • no added flavours

  • qualified paleo

Organic blend of green tea, herbs, spices and fruit


Green tea, orange peel, ginger root, applemint, rosemary, eucalyptus, gingko, guarana, ginseng. All of the ingredients are from certified organic farming.


1 teaspoon / 1 tea bag with 200ml 100°C hot water and let 5-7 minutes infuse.

  • 100°C

  • 1tsp / 250ml

  • 5-7 min

Fresh Focus