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Teatox Matcha Bio Grünteepulver

Teatox Matcha Bio Grünteepulver


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Due to its ingredients, green tea has been known for thousands of years for its positive effects on well-being, energising, and health care. The Japanese Matcha green tea is often called the queen of green teas. Its complex manufacturing process, the bright green colour, and the ceremonial tasting make the Matcha powder a special class of drink.
  • 100% natural ingredients that invigorate and promote concentration
  • has no artificial flavours, sweeteners, or preservatives
  • 137x as many antioxidants as normal green tea
  • has been drunk by Zen monks for over 800 years
  • with a free guide and recipes
  • 100% vegan

  • organically grown

  • no added flavours

  • free guide

  • qualified paleo

Organic Green Tea




Pour 1/2 teaspoon with 250ml 80°C hot water and whip with a Matcha whisk or milk frother until frothy.

  • 80°C

  • 1/2tsp / 250ml

  • 1 min

Teatox Matcha