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Yoga Spirit Bio Kräutertee mit Lavendel

Yoga Spirit Bio Kräutertee mit Lavendel


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Your companion on the path to inner peace

On your path to inner peace, our Yoga Spirit is the perfect companion. Whether after an intensive yoga session or a balancing meditation, Yoga Spirit accompanies you on your journey to serenity. With the harmonic mixture of fennel, lavender, hemp leaves and hop cones, he helps body, spirit and soul to be in harmony. Namaste!
  • 100% organic ingredients
  • Caffeine-free
  • Without added aromas, sweeteners or additives
  • Irresistible smell
  • 100% vegan

  • gluten free

  • organically grown

  • no added flavours

  • qualified paleo

Organic blend of herbs, spices, rose hip seeds and carob


Ingredients:Fennel, rosehip seeds, camomile, carob, lavender flower, coriander, cinnamon, nettle leaves, star anise, hop cones, hemp leaves


1 teaspoon / 1 tea bag with 200ml 100°C hot water and let 5-7 minutes infuse.

  • 100°C

  • 1,5TL / 250ml

  • 5-7 min

Yoga Spirit